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El Fotógrafo - IRMAC Photography

I am a self taught photographer with a passion for creating images that are a little different. I love being on location, shooting in unusual places and working with models that enjoy thinking outside the box with both personality and fashion, you will find my work slightly on the darker side – ideal for alternative portfolio, post wedding and fashion projects.

Originally from the North East of England I left the UK in 2004 to create a new life in Andalucia, discover tapas and siestas as well as a completely new rhythm both in front of and behind the camera and also with my instrument of choice – the ‘Didgeridoo’. My partner in crime is wife Gayle who organises all my shoots and deals with the red tape – which can include you being wrapped up in it if that’s your style…




Whatsapp: 605116071   Telf: 0034 958065042

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